Sauk Farm


Sauk Farm is an organic family farm owned and farmed by the Berger family. Located in Skagit County at the base of Sauk Mountain, the farm specializes in organic apples, grapes, and peaches. (Their apples are just one of the many organic ingredients in JÚCE!) The soil on the farm is prime for organic fruits and vegetables, producing nutrient rich crops. 

Sauk Farm is certified USDA Organic by Washington State and the Berger's use sustainable growing practices that include composting which helps to retain soil moisture, provide habitat for beneficial insects, improve nutrient cycling and more. The Berger's use cover crops, monitor insects (beneficial and otherwise)​, lab test for nutrient levels to ensure proper absorption and that nothing goes to waste. And the farm practices water conservation through drip tubes which reduces water loss. 


Check out Sauk Farm for yourself!

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